Black Hills National Cemetery honors all branches of Armed Forces on Memorial Day

MEADE COUNTY, S.D. — Memorial Day honors those who paid the ultimate price while serving the nation at home and abroad.

On Monday at the Black Hills National Cemetery, through the fog, mist and rain people from all over honored fallen comrades, with service organizations laying wreaths on a memorial.

“They will be honored basically forever for serving their country” said Commander Denny Brenden of the South Dakota American Legion.

The day also pays tribute to the families of those who have passed away.

Also remembered during the ceremonies were the nation’s Native American servicemen and women. Per capita Native Americans have served the country’s Armed Forces more than any other ethnic group.

“It really speaks volumes to how it’s ingrained in us, it’s ingrained in our culture to serve and to fight for the things that we believe in,” said State Representative Peri Pourier.

Native Americans have played a critical role from serving on the front lines of American wars to protecting Allied messages in World War Two.

Honoring veterans from all walks of life reminds us of who we are and where we come from.

“At every gathering and event and pow wow we have flag and veteran honoring songs,” continued Rep. Pourier “So these are songs that we hear all the time because that is part of our walk as Lakota people,”

And like the Lakota tradition of honoring those around us, organizers say every day should be Memorial Day.

“They honor their past leaders, they honor their veterans, they honor everybody,” said Commander Brenden “That’s the way we should be . Honoring everybody every day of the year”

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