Black Hills Lacrosse begins preparation for fall season

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Lacrosse has become increasingly popular in recent years, and club teams have popped up in Rapid City.

“Black Hills Lacrosse has been around for 10 years, I believe, and the girls program has been around for seven,” says James White, Black Hills Lacrosse Girls Coach and Vice President of the Black Hills Lacrosse Board.

The sport of lacrosse is still pretty new to South Dakota, especially West River.

You know, lacrosse is relatively new to this area. So learning the rules that the parents aren’t necessarily familiar with, the kids aren’t necessarily familiar with them, but over time, they pick it up. They pick up the skills and they just take off,” White adds. “It’s really exciting to see.”

LacrosseCoaches say that it’s a great sport for both conditioning and coordination.

It activates pretty much all of the core muscles, I mean, pretty much anything that you’re going to use for any other sport,” explains White. “So it’s a great sport for getting into if you play other sports, and it’s a great sport if you’re just interested in lacrosse.”

The club teams are always looking for newcomers, even if you’ve never played before.

We’d love to see more growth in the sport. I mean, we’re always recruiting and trying to get people interested in the program, more kids playing and to grow it, because once you get into it, you don’t get out,” said Ronda Simmons, Black Hills Lacrosse Board Member. “So what we’d love to have is a program as robust as like soccer, right, where you have lots of kids, lots of involvement. You can have both traveling teams and home leagues so that it’s easier to get involved in.”

The boys and girls teams are both looking for members, with different commitments at the different levels.

The boys lacrosse side has four travel teams. We have a U12 and U14 this year, so they travel all around the state. We actually even travel up into North Dakota, to Bismarck and Grand Forks, travel’s a lot of fun. Sometimes it can be a lot, but when you see how these kids can perform with all those other teams and stuff like that, it’s totally worth it,” Simmons adds.

Gear is easy to grab, and sign up is simple too. For girls, “it’s just goggles, a mouthpiece, a stick and cleats. It’s really quite simple.”

For boys, “it’s little more complicated. Boys have to have roughly the same gear as the girls as far as the cleats, stick mouth guard, boys do wear helmets and they have to have a chest protector because it’s a little more physical in the boys game, I would say, to some extent than the girls.”

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