Black Hills Institute of Geological Research questions estimated number of T-Rex found on earth

HILL CITY, S.D. — It’s a big question to answer.

How many total tyrannosaurus rex roamed the earth?

Seven different scientists made an attempt to answer the question and came up with an estimate that says between 1.2 to 2.5 billion t-rex’s were on the earth, while only about 20,000 could have been on the earth at the same time.

The figure is being questioned by the Black Hills Institute of Geological Research, where officials say that some information the study used may have thrown off the numbers – information including the basis on the time period of the t-rex and using two different species for data in the study.

“They’re mixing two species with the two, which adds to a little bit of the confusion,” said Peter Larson, BHIGR President.

Larson says that scientists must make certain suppositions for the study, but it’s important to remember that these calculators are only an estimate.

It’s difficult for scientists to get an accurate number, especially when considering that t-rex’s haven’t been on the earth for about 66 million years.

“I think this is a good paper in that it shows us, you know, the maximum possible number that could have been around and it gives you some sort of a concept of how many of these guys there may have been. But, take it all with a grain of salt,” Larson says.

Larson also explained that the study changes the range of where the t-rex could have been, when fossils have only been discovered in the western part of North America.

Places like South Dakota, where the t-rex fossils that have been found, tell us about a lot more than the dinosaur.

“This is only preserved right here, and that area where they lived and where we have this preservation tells us a lot about the history of the planet and the history of extinctions,” Larson added.

A study making scientists continue to answer the difficult questions.

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