Black Hills Forecast Discussion: Wide variety of robust showers expected Thursday

Widespread showers are expected across the region today, some could include thunder, tiny hail, sleet, snow and a few (harmless) cold air funnels!

Picture 1

  • Showers will be on and off throughout the day, with temperatures in the 40s and 50s… perhaps a few 30s in the higher elevations.
  • Rain is already falling in areas North of the Black Hills, and are expected to make their way back South by this afternoon.

Here is a look at current radar across the region.

Picture 2

  • Areas along and South of the I-90 corridor could hold off on showers until later on today, providing a decent amount of sunshine.
  • Breezy conditions should be expected, however, gusting around 30-40 MPH from the North.

Picture 1

  • Don’t be surprised to see a few of these little fellows across the region today! These are cold air funnels, a much weaker cousin of the tornado.
  • This was a cold air funnel from last year’s buffalo round-up at Custer State park taken by meteorologist Megan Murat!… So they do occur in the Black Hills under the right conditions
  • They rarely touch down, and are generally harmless. They form when there’s a very large temperature difference between air at the surface and air above the surface – which we certainly have today. Keep an eye out!

Picture 3

  • As we get into later this afternoon and evening, convective snow showers could bring bursts of light snow accumulations in the higher elevations of the Black Hills.
  • Could have a few slick spots, so just be on the lookout!

Picutre 4

  • Most of the significant rainfall will take place North and East of the Black Hills, where we could see up to 0.50″ to 1.0″ of rain.
  • This is good news, as these areas are abnormally dry for this time of year.

Picture 5

  • Friday will be drier and a bit warmer, with temperatures in the 50s and 60s.
  • A few isolated pop-ups will be possible in the afternoon towards the Black Hills, but otherwise a relatively uneventful start to the weekend.

Picture 7

  • Saturday we jump right back in to unsettled weather, with scattered showers and breezy conditions expected once again.

Picture 9

  • This pattern is expected to continue all the way into next week, with Monday having a likely chance for snow in the higher elevations of the Black Hills… and maybe even a few snowflakes in Rapid City.
  • Things warm up by the end of the week, with afternoon thunderstorms returning to the forecast by Wednesday.
  • Be safe out there! Be on the lookout for all the different kinds of precipitation we could see today, we’ll have a variety of just about everything! -Brant
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