Black Hills Fireplace hosts turkey smoking demonstration

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Black Hills Fireplace partnered with Traeger, a wood smoker company, to teach people how to smoke a turkey for Thanksgiving.

The business held several demonstrations Saturday and had brine, rubs, and smokers for sale.

On the grill, turkey breast and bacon. For this specific smoker, the wood pellets are what really bring out the flavor.

“It’s your heat source and as it burns it creates more smoke so that it gets infused into the meats that you’re cooking,” said general manager Branndon Knox.

Although the demo was solely with breast you can take the same steps for a whole turkey.

“So right now, we’ll use the turkey pellets. It’s a mixture of oak, rosemary, and mesquite,” said Knox.

You’ll take the turkey and let it thaw if it’s frozen. Once thawed you want to let in sit in a turkey brine for 24 hours, and right before you throw it on the smoker, sprinkle on the dry rub.

Turkey breast takes around 90 minutes while a full turkey will take 4 to 6 hours depending on the weight.

Throughout the process, you want to check on the turkey and possibly let it settle by taking it out and putting it back in the smoker. You want to make sure that the turkey gets to an internal temperature of 165 degrees.

From there it’s ready to be served up as your main course, Thanksgiving Day. Smokers can be used to cook a variety of meals and meats.

“If you’re using beef, mesquite and hickory would be the best. If you’re going to use pork, a fruit flavor pellet would work best like apple or maple,” said Knox.

Traeger smokers typically cost between $500 and $14,000.

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