Black Hills Farmer’s Market works on establishing an official location

Market Park

RAPID CITY, S.D. – After over 15 years, the local farmer’s market may have its own park. Throughout the years the market has been located off of East Omaha Street, but it has never had an official area to call home.

Black Hills Farmers Market

Rapid City Parks and Recreation joined with the Black Hills Farmer’s Market to establish a name. They want to call the area, Market Park.

Market Park was proposed to the Pennington County Public Works Committee and they approved it on Tuesday. It will continue forward to the City Council meeting on Monday, Jan.21.

Both the Parks and Recreation Dept. and Public Works, believe that it will make the farmer’s market stand out. It will likely bring in more customers and make it more marketable. All of this comes at little to no cost for all of the organizations involved.

If this gets passed by the City Council, the workspace will officially become Market Park.

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