Black Hills Energy upgrades eight miles of transmission line in Rapid City

RAPID CITY, S.D. — A 55-year-old section of Rapid City’s power grid is getting a welcomed upgrade.

Eight miles of Black Hills Energy’s transmission line, that runs north to south in Rapid City, is being replaced. The project will also replace aging infrastructure that was originally built in 1964, bringing it up to today’s construction standards and upgrading the line with modern materials.

BHE’s Vice President of Electric Operations, Marc Eyre, says the project will not only help meet customer’s needs into the future, but will also make the area safer for future maintenance.

“As you kind of look at the route of this power line there’s areas where we have pretty steep terrain and so as part of this. Just for ongoing maintenance and if we had to access that location in an emergency those access points will be improved.” said Eyre.

In order to avoid interruptions to service, the project is being done in two phases, the first one is underway and will go through October and phase two starts in September and should be completed by March of next year.

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