Black Hills Energy plants trees for Earth Day

RAPID CITY, S.D. — This is Earth Day and in recognition of the day and Earth Week, Black Hills Energy is giving away 1,000 trees.

BHE today planted 3 energy-saving trees in front of the One Heart campus apartments. Energy Saving trees not only benefit customers but the environment as well.

Vice President of Electric Utilities for Black Hills Energy, Nick Gardner said “(the trees) will provide about 10 million gallons of absorption of storm water and it will also remove about 3 million pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as well. So there is some environmental benefits to planting trees as well to make it really important.”

If you receive a free energy saving tree from BHE, it’s important to note that you must call 811 at least two days before you dig to make sure your tree doesn’t interfere with utility lines.

“Customers can go in and request there trees and then they can plant it on their property. And its critical to mention that April is national safe digging month and so we would really like to make sure that all of our customers who receive a tree call 811. So that all the underground utilities can be located that just ensures the safety of the customer and the safety of those around.” Said Gardner.

If you would like to sign up to receive a free tree you can follow the link here.

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