Black Hills Energy makes big contribution to development in Whitewood

WHITEWOOD, S.D. — Whitewood is a small town between Spearfish and Sturgis with a population of less than one-thousand.

In order to help develop the community, the Whitewood Economic Development Organization (WEDO) reached out to Black Hills Energy for assistance.

“When we received their application for this grant, it was very well put together and addressed some of the needs that are here in Whitewood, with affordable economical housing and business recruitment,” said Marc Eyre, Director of Operations for Black Hills Energy, “So that’s really what got us excited about supporting this cause.”

The Whitewood Economic Development Organization received a grant of $10,000, and the money will go toward their affordable housing  project.

The project is directed towards business owners, creating spaces for both working and living.

The homes that they are building have several floors. The ground floor is intended for business, while the upper floor is a living space.

“It’s kind of coming back to our roots, that’s how Main Street used to be,” said Robert Hill, Executive Director of Whitewood Economic Development Organization, “That’s how main streets were built in this country, with a living space above shops.”

The city hopes that this will encourage business owners to build in the area, which in turn will help the community thrive.

One home is already built and is expected to be occupied within the next few weeks. Units will be for both sale and rent.

“We’re working to meet the needs of the individual business owner and the idea is that a young or new entrepreneur can afford to live and run their business out of this,” continued Hill, “So whatever works for that particular business.”

In total they plan on have eight work/live units in the area. The cost of building is expected to be a little under $2 million.

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