Black Hills Energy gives tips to save money during hot summer months

RAPID CITY, S.D. – As the temperature rises, so do utility bills from constantly running air conditioning.

Black Hills EnergyWith inflation on the rise, Black Hills Energy has advice on how to keep your electric bills down this summer.

Bo Secrest, Black Hills Energy Rapid City Operations Manager stated, “With us getting near triple digits, customers can avoid using heat generating appliances from around two to eight in the evening. When the sun goes down those types of appliances are dishwashers, dryers and ovens. If you avoid using them during that time, it is an easy way to keep it comfortable in your home.”

According to Secrest, the best times to use heat related appliances is either very late in the evening, when temperatures cool off, or very early in the morning.

Residents are also recommended to keep the area around their air conditioning unit clean and to change their filters at least once a month.

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