Black Hills digging out after heavy weekend snow

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Plows hit the streets Sunday and had their work cut out for them through Monday as well.

The heavy, wet snow made it difficult for drivers and posed a challenge for the plows.

Dale Pfeifle, Rapid City Street Department superintendent, said, “You’ve got to be a little [more careful] about pushing it into cars because it’s heavy, it will actually dent a car if you go by it too fast. It will push it a lot further so you can actually cover driveways up. We try not to fill any driveways as much as we can but its unfortunate that’s what has to happen.”

The Street Department services the entire Rapid City area, which is over 1,500 miles of roadways; having a big crew helps get the job done faster.

Pfeifle says they have 100 plows at their disposal.

“It’s quite extensive, you figure Omaha is three or four lanes wide. Downtown, 5th, 8th, all of those you know they are pretty wide streets. It adds up in a hurry,” Pfeifle said.

Not only is the city out making the roads safer to travel on, but residents all over town are out shoveling snow from their driveways and sidewalks.

One of which was four-year-old Xavier, who was out helping his grandmother shovel the sidewalk in front of their home.

I asked Xavier, “What’s your favorite part about the snow? and he told me, “all of it.”

I then I asked him if he had anything else he would like to say, and he told me he was pretty good at singing ‘Old McDonald.’ Xavier then sang some of the song and jumped into the snow!

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