Black Hills Cribbage Club gifts handcrafted cribbage board to the USS South Dakota

RAPID CITY, S.D. —Cribbage was invented in the 1600’s and gained popularity among naval sailors during World War II as a way to pass the time while patrolling for Japanese ships. Now the tradition continues.

Here in South Dakota, the Black Hills Cribbage Club presented a hand made cribbage board to the USS South Dakota. Club director Howard Pearson enlisted the help of fellow player and wood craftsman Jerry Hook to design a custom board. The board was made from Black Hills pine and was designed with the submarines wolf and Mount Rushmore logo, and incorporated the signatures of all the club members. The members wanted to show their support and provide entertainment for the crew, who could spend months at sea during a deployment.

“Well, the military – anybody that’s been in the military – Jerry, and Dave, and officer Ross…I have a lot of respect,” said club director, Howard Pearson. “That’s pretty much it, if we can give them some good times, the guys pastime, you know like they say onboard, they have some free time to enjoy their cribbage game.”

The club presented the board to local recruiter, Petty Officer 1st Class Joshua Ross at VFW post 1273. As a member who experienced deployments, he was excited to be involved and expressed gratitude on behalf of the crew of the USS South Dakota.

“I can assure you that this will mean the world to the members of that crew,” said Ross. “As a submariner and having this similar type of thing being done for us while I was on the Wyoming, I definitely know how much value we have as submariners in getting gifts, and kind of letting people know that we’re in their thoughts and prayers while we’re out on deployments and giving us a little bit of something to do to take our minds off being underwater.”


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