Black Hills Community Theatre received $3.2k for discussion and reading series coming soon

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The South Dakota Humanities Council granted $3,200 to the Black Hills Community Theatre for their reading and discussion series — the first to be taking place Jan. 10th.

“This particular play, ‘Stop, Kiss,’ which is about two women who meet as friends, but who eventually move into a romantic relationship, we’ve discussed more about how, for all of these characters, they’re avoiding things and how what they are avoiding leads them to negative behavior,” says Merlyn Sell, Box Office and Communications Manager.

The series will broach topics of sex, violence, relationships, family and more. As part of the grant application process, proposals had to include aspects of community engagement. Readings of the plays will take place followed by guest led discussions on the topics presented in the plays.

“Stories are so important to us as human beings,” Sell said. “That’s how we understand the world. And having that experience as part of a community, whether it’s on stage or offstage, it’s really important. And this discussion aspect, I think, is really just going to strengthen that part of the experience.”

Shows will be taking place Jan. 10, Feb. 21 and May 22nd.

On January 10, following Stop Kiss, discussion with the audience members will be led by Dr. Kayla Pritchard, a South Dakota School of Mines and Technology professor in Social Sciences.

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