Black Hills businesses are handling this years Rally with added precaution

STURGIS, S.D.— The 80th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is expected to draw at least a quarter-million people during its run from Friday August 7th through Sunday August 16th. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, this years rally will look a little different than in years past, with limited city-sponsored events in Sturgis itself.

The annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is four days away and already there is an influx of people riding into the Black Hills. But with social distancing guidelines and diligent cleaning, businesses like the Loud American Roadhouse are finding ways to accommodate visitors safely.

“We’re operating at a lesser capacity, we have spacing between tables, we have sanitation centers all over the property.” Said Dean Kinney, owner of the Loud American. “We canceled all of our indoor shows, we are still doing food in there the bar will be open in there. But we just didn’t want to pack in the crowd that that concert atmosphere is inside, we thought it was way better outside. So we are still gonna go forward with our outdoor concerts, there is definitely some differences but there is a lot of the things that will be the same too and we think it’s gonna be a lot of fun.”

The city of Sturgis has guidelines to keep the public and those visiting as safe as possible. But the influx of people has raised concerns for surrounding area businesses who will close their doors until the rally is over.

Rebecca Williams, owner of Leones’ Creamery said “We’re not the only business in Spearfish that is closing or even in the Black Hills and that does help. It makes us feel like we’re not kind of line alone in how were feeling about this. I’d rather look back in hindsight and say we probably could have been open than saying I wish we hadn’t been open.”

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