Black Hills Area Community Foundation is connecting people to causes

The Black Hills Area Community Foundation has been working in the region since 2006, inspiring people to invest as a community to improve the quality of life for people in the Black Hills.

In a nutshell, Black Hills Area Community Foundation connects people and causes.

Karabeth Borresen, BHACF Marketing Manager, says, “We work with donors and nonprofits to connect people to care to causes that matter.”

Black Hills Youth Philanthropy, courtesy Facebook

Black Hills Youth Philanthropy, courtesy Facebook

The nonprofit is just one of the community foundations in the state who work with donors who want to invest their money to better others. Donors can give back in whatever capacity they want in whatever form they want.

One way of giving is through Black Hills Impact Giving Circles, Borresen says, “to pool together friends and like minded individuals to take their dollars and put them into one pot and then to have a fun event and be able to talk about you know local nonprofits they care about and give that money out into the community.”

One circle, ‘Black Hills Youth Philanthropy,’ is made up of high school students who learn about community issues, secure money from donors, receive submissions and give out funds once a year to a nonprofit organization.

Since the giving circles began, a total of $215,000 has been given out to date.

Grant Workshop, courtesy Facebook

Grant Workshop, courtesy Facebook

The foundation also hosts workshops to help organizations through a grant process and help local nonprofits secure donors and sponsorships.

Another way the Foundation operates is by providing scholarship funds – a chance for donors to  give back beyond their lifetime.

Borresen says, “We are creating that community of givers whether it be in the Southern Hills, or here in Rapid City and throughout the rest of the Black Hills, to be able to learn about what is important to them and how philanthropy can positively impact their communities.”

The foundation is now receiving grant applications which are open to nonprofits in Black Hills region. Click here for more information on the website. Click here for the link to their Facebook.

To learn more about this Black Hills Impact giving circle, please contact Liz Hamburg, Executive Director Black Hills Area Community Foundation. Office: 605-718-0112 Cell: 605-431-9876 or email at

Black Hills Area Community Foundation

Black Hills Area Community Foundation, courtesy Facebook

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