Black Hills and Badlands Tourism’s Motorcycle Maps a great resource for riders of all levels

RAPID CITY, S.D. – With hundreds of thousands of people here for the Rally, one tourism group is working to make sure riders of all levels can enjoy the scenery.

Black Hills And Badlands Motorcycle MapIn honor of the 75th anniversary of the Rally back in 2015, Black Hills and Badlands decided to release a special map with roads for motorcyclists to ride in the region. Together with the Black Hills chapter of A.B.A.T.E, they were able to create a series of tear-off maps with suggested routes for riders of all skill level. To  make it easy to understand, the roads are color-coded based on easiest to the most difficult: black, blue, red, orange, and yellow.

Black Hills A.B.A.T.E is no stranger to the motorcycling community. Their organization is dedicated to creating a more positive image of motorcycling to the public, along with training and education to make roads safer for all vehicles.

The map itself also includes details on road features, locations of tunnels and information on size, points of interest from Box Elder, SD to Newcastle, WY.

“We have great skill ratings for our rides, and it is really helpful for people coming to this area who might not be familiar with our mountain roads and may not be familiar with the skill ratings that are on those roads,” Black Hills and Badlands Tourism Association President Michelle Thomson said. “So between the scenic rides and the skill rating, people find it a very useful resource.”

The map also features user-friendly and biker-friendly establishments for riders. Restaurants, hotels, and more are listed to help riders find them during their travels.

“We have the Sturgis Buffalo Chip as our major sponsor, so they are listed on there as well,” Thomson added. “The map is just an overall great resource for motorcyclists coming into the area and knowing where to ride and what things they might want to see while they are here.”

According to Thomson, the idea was something the company had been making a great effort to put together. Since its release in 2015, she hopes that the map gives more information to riders along with new rides and roads they may not have experienced before as the Black Hills entertains both national and international visitors.

And as a rider herself, “I have been on a lot of the roads in the Black Hills and Badlands area, but there are always different things to experience. Spearfish Canyon is always fantastic. Iron Mountain Road and Needles Highway, riding through Custer State Park, the Badlands. And then just finding some other two-lane highways out there throughout the Black Hills and Badlands you can explore that maybe you haven’t been on before.”

The maps are available at several businesses and locations in the Black Hills, or on their website.

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