Black Hills, A Weather Story: Single Digit Blues

Overnight temperatures will be on the cool side going into Friday, with a warming trend Sunday into early next week

GOES-16 Satellite, the snowy Black Hills revealed in the sunshine

TODAY: High temperatures will hit near the freezing mark, with northwesterly winds picking up with the approach of a cold front. Some areas in the far northwestern reaches could see a few flurries and possibly light snow in the Hills. The air is fairly dry at the surface, so it’ll be difficult to see much, if anything at all. Gusts up to 30 mph will be possible, so bundle up! Most are expected so see some sunshine today.

TONIGHT: Northwesterly winds will continue around 10 mph to even 20 mph in the evening as temperatures plummet to the single digits. Wind chills could reach sub-zero, particularly in the Hills. Clear skies are expected, so radiational cooling will be a factor in our cooler temperatures.

HRRR Temperature Model Wednesday through Thursday morning

TOMORROW: Although sunny skies are expected, low 20s will be tough to reach by the afternoon hours. Canadian high pressure will be sliding through the area, keeping us dry and cool. Winds will shift westerly to southwesterly, around 5-10 mph.

Chinook Winds explanation – Cool air gets forced upward, wringing the moisture out like a sponge. This process releases heat. As the air descends, the moisture is left behind, but the heat from the process remains, and as air descends, it is compressed and heated as well.

TOMORROW NIGHT: With those southwesterly winds, chinook conditions could turn up in some areas. Low temperatures are expected to reach the single digits once again, thanks in part to our clear skies. Sub-zero wind chills will also be possible Thursday night going into Friday, so be sure to bundle up.

GFS Temperature Model – Snapshot of Tuesday Temperature guidance for next week

FRIDAY AND BEYOND: A few clouds could sneak into our area Friday, with temperatures rebounding slightly to the high 20s. Once again, temperatures could reach the single digits Friday evening, so if you have any plans, prepare for chilly conditions. Saturday returns to form with mid-30s for our high temperature and sunny skies. Same conditions for Sunday, except for even warmer temperatures expected with highs in the low 40s. The ridge bringing us this warmer weather is expected to strengthen and slide across the area Sunday going into the middle of next week with mid-40s. Dry conditions look likely at least through Tuesday and possibly Wednesday.

ECMWF 850 mb temperature trend from middle of next week to next weekend. A trough looks likely sometime next week, which could bring unsettled weather.

The long-range forecast shows the possibility of a trough moving through next weekend. The timing and impacts are way too far out to determine at this time, but it could be the signal of unsettled weather during that time period.

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