Black Hawk family loses home, but not hope as a community lends a hand

BLACK HAWK, S.D. – You build a home and a lifestyle around it.

Terra and Avery married and one year ago bought a new home in Black Hawk. They were so proud to have a place their own. One crafter, Terra, was eager to decorate.

Sunday, midnight, their home was in engulfed in flames. The water from battling flames flooded their home, leaving all their possessions that were unscathed badly drenched.

The couple eager to begin their life now left with nothing.

Terra’s mom, Tammy CrazyBull, is housing the two and their five small dogs.

It was late Saturday night that Terra was working in her craft room. She said she had music playing very loudly, when she thought she heard someone knocking. Thinking nothing of it she continued her craft. Then she heard yelling, screaming and pounding and heard her neighbor yelling, “FIRE.”

“I had realized they were saying there was a fire and I had turn to look at our back deck and the entire back deck and back of the house was engulfed in flames,” said Terra. 

Avery was asleep in the bedroom, as he gets up early for work. He woke to Terra screaming that there was a fire.

“She started yelling that our house was on fire,” he said. “And the first thing I thought of to do was, it can’t be that bad, so I’m going to try and put it out.” 

But Avery couldn’t put out the flame with just the garden hose. Neighbors had already alerted the fire department and the Meade County Sheriff’s Office also arrived. It was then that officials told them to evacuate. Terra grabbed a dog and another two followed. Then another dog was found. But their pug, Ollie, was missing.

Sunday morning when the couple returned to the home, they were able to find the dog. She had surprisingly survived inside the burning house, by hiding in the flooded basement.

Terra agrees if it weren’t for her neighbor it could have been far worse.

“If it wasn’t for our neighbor knocking on the door, I don’t know how I would have been in the craft room until it got to that point,” she said. 

A fundraiser is being held, Wednesday, July 1st at the V.F.W. hall on Main Street in Rapid City.

A GoFundMe has also been started by Terra’s mother, Tammy.

 “It’s heartbreaking to see your kids suffer like that and see them so lost now. And everyone has been so extremely helpful but it’s just, you lose everything,” Tammy said. 

For the GofundMe visit HERE.

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