Bird Cage Bookstore hosted two local creators for a book signing

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Bird Cage Bookstore located inside the Racing Magpie held a book signing for two local creators on Saturday.

One is an artist who illustrates drawings and paintings to be published in books. Jim Yellowhawk says he gets a lot of his inspiration from his native culture and tried to make every painting different from the last.

“I think every illustration or every painting has its own story” said Yellowhawk, “I just finished a painting this morning. It was of my Grand Father and he lived back in the 1800’s but it was really nice to illustrate that and just all these feelings came and so I was glad to finish it this morning.”

And the other creator is an author who writes mainly children’s books for young native children. Through her writing she is able to help Native American children learn about native heritage and culture.

Author Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve said “I started writing for children after I read what my own children were reading in school the misinformation about Native Americans at that time. Either very stereotyped or they were all Sacajawea and Crazy Horse’s, I mean they weren’t the images that my children saw themselves.”

Both Jim and Virginia have books available for purchase at Prairie Edge and the Bird Cage Bookstore.

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