Michael Tiensvold

Creative Services Producer

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Starting at an early age, Michael has always been interested in movies and television. His grandpa used to carry around one of those huge VHS cameras, and everywhere they went he would film their adventures. It was the moments of coming back home and watching those VHS tapes on the TV that sparked his love for film.

During high school, which was in Gordon, Nebraska (15 miles east from my hometown of Rushville, NE), Michael decided that he wanted to pursue film as a career. So, after graduating in 2018, he moved to Aurora, CO, and went to the Colorado Film School, majoring in post-production editing. Michael  lived there for 3 years before moving to South Dakota where he now works  at NewsCenter1 as a Creative Services Producer. He gets the opportunity to help businesses promote their company by producing televised commercials and occasionally helping with production on the Homegrown.ag TV show.

Michael loves to play golf, produce music, and play video games in his free time. Michael is also a big nerd when it comes to Star Wars and Marvel.

One of his biggest goals for the future is to make a movie or TV show. He has been working on some ideas since high school, and someday hopes to make those ideas come to the big screen.