Lindsey Carman

Creative Services Producer

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Lindsey Carman grew up just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio but has recently relocated to Rapid City. She has joined our team as a creative producer, videographer and editor. Lindsey was interested in photography at a very young age. She would photograph just about everything in elementary school. Then eventually decided to save up and buy her own video camera in high school. Most of her adult life she has been traveling and working as a photographer and videographer. One of her best experiences was working on a cruise ship, filming a variety of destinations all over the world.

Lindsey moved to Rapid City with her boyfriend Codi to escape the busier cities and live where there is more opportunity to explore. She loves spending her free time hiking, kayaking, and doing anything to stay active and be in the great outdoors. She has two wonderful fur-babies, a dog named Luci, who loves to go hiking with her, and a cat named Gypsy. Lindsey likes to film her hikes and adventures and share them on social media.