Dominique Smith

Meteorologist/ Multimedia Journalist

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Dominique was born in Maryland and raised in a small town called Brandywine, which stands about 30 minutes south of Washington, DC. She attended Delaware State University for biology and music, but the military is where she gained experience is a meteorologist. Following in her parents’ footsteps, she served for 7 years as a Weather Forecaster during which time she had the opportunity to forecast for events such as the 2018 inauguration, the 4th of July events on the Mall, and has even forecasted weather for a previous vice president to include forecasting overseas.

While serving in the Air Force, Dominique has been deployed within the country and outside as well. She shared a short deployment with her sister Ariana and was stationed for several months in Korea along with her brother Kevin Jr. in 2018-2019.  Each of them has served in the Air National Guard while stationed together at Andrews AFB where they were born and, where both their parents served as well. On her own, she has spent time in Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands, England, France, and several Caribbean Islands. She hopes to live in Denmark one day, sooner rather than later.

She loves the beauty of the Black Hills and all it has to offer. She considers meteorology and reporting to be her dream job. She also embraces the challenges of forecasting the ever-changing and extreme weather in the area which is really different from the DC metropolitan area. Dominique has recently participated in, and reported on the local Volksmarch and looks forward to experiencing more of the Black Hills outdoor offerings and special events.

Dominique has also been involved with many church activities and served as the lead church administrator for her home church. When not working, she loves knitting, cooking different ethnic foods, she plays several instruments, loves traveling and, learning new languages. She currently speaks Danish and is learning Korean. She is an animal lover and has had every pet she’s really wanted except a horse and snake. She has owned a ferret named Raiden and a sugar glider named Nemo. Currently, Dominique is cat mother, to an insane grey short hair named Toonces, who is currently being kept by her parents waiting to ship him out!