Dominik Dausch

News Photographer

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Dominik is Colorado-born and South Dakota-raised. He attended Stevens High School and is currently working towards the attainment of a bachelor’s degree in Integrated Media from Black Hills State University.

Dominik joined the NewsCenter1 staff in July of 2014 as a production assistant during his junior-year of high school. Fascinated by contemporary media and personalities and wishing to apply his broad studies of the English language to practical workings, Dominik later jump-started his career by becoming a photojournalist over the summer of 2016.

A love for the English language plays a large role in his life; Dominik is always looking to express himself and the ideas of others. He is an avid writer and orator on topics such as online media, social identity, and communication.  Also, his fluency in German serves as another means of expression to him.

In his free time, Dominik enjoys reading and playing with his four dogs, Panda, Lily, Tubby, and Emmy. His all-time favorite writers are Shakespeare, John Milton, and Arthur Miller.


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