Bill would create online ballot measure circulator directory

PIERRE, S.D. (AP) — A South Dakota bill to create an online directory of people who collect signatures to put ballot measures before voters is headed to the Senate floor.

The Senate State Affairs Committee voted 7-1 Wednesday for the bill. It would require the secretary of state to establish a directory of signature gatherers listing information including their address, phone number and occupation.

It would also require circulators to wear badges from the secretary of state.

Republican Rep. Jon Hansen, the sponsor, says the bill seeks to address ballot question groups bringing in paid out-of-state circulators. GOP lawmakers have recently sought changes to the ballot measure system over concerns about outside influence.

De Knudson, who unsuccessfully helped push to put a “top two” primary measure on last year’s ballot, says she doesn’t think it would affect her ability to find circulators.

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