Bill that fast-tracks licensing for military spouses signed into law

PIERRE, S.D. — Gov. Noem has signed a bill into law that makes it easier for military spouses to become professionally licensed in South Dakota.

The bill is designed to not only ease the process for military families moving to the state, but also to address South Dakota’s workforce shortages.

According to Noem, “More than 20 percent of military spouses cite state licensing regulations as one of their greatest challenges. The bill I’m signing today changes that reality for South Dakota’s military families, fast-tracking military spouses through the licensing process and expanding the experienced talent pool of South Dakota’s workforce.”

Currently military spouse licensing laws are expedited to some degree, but the new law will require for the issuance within 30 days.

Scott Landguth, executive director of the Ellsworth Development Authority, says the move will only help the state, “There’s a workforce shortage in most fields in South Dakota, Rapid City and the Black Hills. Having that pool of talent come in and having that ability to get them to work quickly with little delay is very important.”

Lauren Kimball, a military spouse herself, says she feels the new law will make military families feel more welcome in the area.

“Every step we take to improving military spouse employment is a step in the right direction and the previous law was a step in the right direction,” said Kimball. “It was a good step and this is just building upon that and making it really stronger and sends a message to military spouses that says South Dakota welcomes you.” 

Noem also signed Senate Bill 175 into law, which makes an appropriation of roughly $1.8 million to the South Dakota Ellsworth Development Authority.

The amount will be matched with federal funds to improve the long-term operations and effectiveness of the base.

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