Biker Blessing kicks off tradition at Hill City church

HILL CITY, S.D. — The Sturgis Chapter of the Soldiers for Jesus Christ Motorcycle Club held its first annual Biker Blessing at the Little White Church in Hill City.

The event started with signup and registration, then switched over to a sermon — finishing with the bikers going for a ride to Mount Rushmore.

After the ride, roughly 40 bikers sat down for a meal at the church, provided by local businesses like Krull’s Market and more.

Scooter Prosneski, the organizer, started the Biker Blessing after already having run the event in California for 15 years at his church there.

“We’re just Christian motorcycle guys, you know, telling people about Jesus,” Prosneski said. “So like I said, it kind of got put on me and asked, ‘hey, let’s do the Biker Blessing. You’ve done it before, you’ve got the experience in the bag,’ so here we are.”

Speaking of community support, during their ride to Mount Rushmore, the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office blocked off portions of the road all the way up to the monument.

While Prosneski says he’s very grateful for the turnout for the first Biker Blessing, he’s excited for what the future will hold.

“Look for it next year,” he said. “I’d like to just think they’re just gonna get bigger and bigger. I won’t say better better. Sometimes it could get better, but I like to think just as the weather changes — hopefully in the next couple years — it’s gonna get bigger and bigger and bigger and more people now they’re gonna say, oh I didn’t hear about it this year. Then they’ll come next year.”

Prosneski says next year’s Biker Blessing will be held on the third week of May.

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