Below average temperatures to make a return this week, here’s what you can expect


RAPID CITY, S.D. – Let’s check out what the weather will be like as we head into the last week of November!

Temperature trends: 

After a week a above average temperatures, the weather pendulum will swing back the other way this week. Aside from Thursday, Mother Nature is bringing us more below average temperatures. After Tuesday and Wednesday, we’ll see a slight warmup and get a little bit closer to average.

Will we get any precipitation?

We’ll see a couple a fast moving systems this week. Each system has a slight chance of brining us some snow, although not much accumulation is expected. Regardless of the snow totals, any amount can make travel difficult, so make sure you’re being careful, especially on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.

Will it be windy?

With each system that pass through, we’ll see some wind. Though, the system at the beginning of the week is the stronger of the two, expect 25-35 mph sustained winds.

What should I wear?

Make sure you dress warm on Tuesday and Wednesday. We’ll be seeing single digits again on Tuesday night.  The rest of this week doesn’t look too bad, a medium to heavy jacket should suffice, depending on your cold tolerance.

Weekend forecast:

No precipitation is expected at this time for the weekend, but that could change, so be prepared. Temperatures look good, especially on Sunday where we’ll see near average temperatures.

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