Belle Fourche resident using creative skills to raise money, hope for Ukrainian refugees

"This is extremely nerve-wracking to live from air raid siren to air raid siren," said Iuliaa Bevier, who's raising money for Ukrainian refugees.

BELLE FOURCHE, S.D. — Iuliia Bevier fondly looked at her wedding photos on her kitchen table in Belle Fourche.

There’s a history inside those photos. Not to mention a pride of her Ukrainian upbringing.

But with the war that’s waging in her home country, she knew it was time for her to help out.

Bevier wanted to do something little to help out, at least financially, since she is not able to be there to help out physically.

“There is so much help needed,” Bevier said.

She came to the U.S. in August of 2009 as part of a cultural exchange program for two years in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

It was around that time she met her husband, Marcus Bevier.

“We got married in Spearfish, actually, so we’ve been together for 11 years,” she said.

Stand With Ukraine 21

Whether it was her mother making her dress and wedding accessories, or her grandma’s cross-stitching a Ukrainian wedding towel or “Rushnyk” for the special day, Bevier treasures the memories especially for the effort and symbolism behind them.

“You step on it after you get married and that kind of decides whoever steps on it first, decides who is going to be the boss in the house,” she said.

That skill led to Iuliia creating KinderKrochet, where she makes t-shirts and other products for families. But Iuliia is now using that family skill set for a different cause.

As soldiers in her home country of Ukraine continue fighting a Russian invasion, refugees are fleeing from eastern Ukraine near where her family lives in Kropyvnytskyi.

“This is extremely nerve-wracking to live from air raid siren to air raid siren,” Bevier said. “When you know it’s coming in your town or in any region and I always wait to hear from my family, just knowing they’re ok.”

While that uncertainty looms, she’s in Belle Fourche, using her crocheting skills to make and sell t-shirts with messages to pray for Ukraine and Stand With Ukraine with all proceeds going to those in need, especially connections that Iuliia has in Ukraine.

All the money goes to non-profits and organizations that support those in need in Ukraine.

Raising money for supplies and food brings a little hope as the war wages on.

If you’d like to donate, you can contact Iuliia at 605-222-2646.

You can find the KinderKrochet Facebook by clicking here. 

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