Belle Fourche kicks off Fourth of July celebrations with Annual Cattle Drive

BELLE FOURCHE, S.D. — Belle Fourche kicking off Fourth of July celebrations with its 11th Annual Cattle Drive.

Hundreds of residents flocked to Down State Street to experience an authentic taste of the old west, a time before railroads where it was common for wranglers to move as many as 60,000 livestock to market.

Tuesday, organizers recreated the heritage during opening day with a reenactment of days past.

“This just symbolizes the way it used to be,” said Justin Tupper, Black Hills Roundup Committee Chairman.  “This is a cattle town, a railhead so to speak, so that’s how they drove their cattle to town was right through town and the cowboys would bring them. they’d take them to the pens and the scales and weigh them up from there so reliving old-time traditions.

The Black Hills have seen several cancelled events over the past months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Tupper says after weeks of shutdowns, this year’s roundup is having a great impact.

“You know especially this year I think it has more meaning than most because everybody finally getting to get out and get going a little bit and see everybody they maybe haven’t seen in a while so it’s a big event in Belle Fourche over the 4th of July so we’re excited to put it on,” Tupper said.

Festivities include a community BBP, a Miss Black Hills Roundup Queen coronation, and a parade.

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