BeautyMed celebrates a year of vaginal rejuvenation

RAPID CITY, S.D. — For nearly two years BeautyMed has been offering solutions to improve the quality of life and self-esteem of hundreds of patients. One of the most successful treatments offered is the Votiva urinary and vaginal rejuvenation.

Ever since Nic Yost CNP, Fnp-Bc opened Beauty Med in April 2019 she has helped patients regain their confidence and address issues that can sometimes be uncomfortable to discuss. Yost has seen lives and relationships change for the better ever since she began using the Votiva device a year ago. Votiva is the only FDA-approved device that specifically treats vaginal dryness, vaginal atrophy, urinary incontinence and pain during sex.

The Votiva uses radiofrequency to heat tissue deep beneath the skin, repairing damage in a few painless sessions with little to no downtime. Hundreds have been able to recover from years of incontinence. Many of Yost’s patients say that it has been a lifesaver for their relationships and marriages, relieving them of painful intercourse and returning them to a more relaxed, comfortable state.

In recent months Yost has had many patients looking to use the Votiva to rejuvenate their labia as well. Before the Votiva treatment, women had to schedule a labiaplasty surgery, which have gained popularity in the last five years.

With over a year of experience using Votiva, Yost has heard hundreds of success stories. “What I have learned is that this is a huge issue in the community,” Yost says. “When women find out that this is a painless option with no downtime, they go nuts. I’ve had entire parties come in.”

One of Yost’s goals in bringing this treatment to the Black Hills is breaking the stigma of rejuvenation and increasing the quality of life for her patients. Yost does more than provide options for her patients to choose from — she goes through their history and listens to their concerns. As a nurse practitioner Yost also runs a variety of tests from her office and has used her expertise to help those who have had misdiagnosed urinary tract infections.

“We realized through testing that there was no bacterial infection,” Yost said, “and we were able to treat the muscle tissue that was causing painful bladder spasms.” The Votiva device has offered relief to many women who suffered for years believing they had an infection.

In the last two years Yost has helped hundreds of patients find comfort in themselves again. You can learn more about Nic Yost, CNP, Fnp-Bc, and BeautyMed, along with a full list of the services Yost provides at

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