Battle Mountain Humane Society needs your help

HOT SPRINGS, S.D. – The Battle Mountain Humane Society (BMHS) in Hot Springs needs your help.

This “no kill” shelter takes in animals from all over, like Pennington County, Custer County, Fall River County and even as far away as Chadron, Nebraska.

“We are the last chance for these dogs and cats to be able to find a home that have been abused and abandoned,” said Connie Geiser, a volunteer, BMHS. She, along with only a few other volunteers, are responsible for keeping the shelter running. And after a fire completely destroyed the shelter back in 2012 and with past years of severe weather leaving it crippled, this donation-based facility could definitely use some help.

“We’re always in need of financial donations. We’re in need of getting some replacement kennels to keep our dogs safe and contained.”

BMHS currently houses about 65 dogs and 115 cats on its 8.5 acres of land. So as you can imagine, it takes a lot of work and upkeep to keep everyone happy and healthy. “The dogs get out daily, they run and play. We’re always in need of toys, chew toys. They love to chew on our buckets, water buckets but we need durable chew toys, so that they have something to do when they’re in their kennels. Basically, they do have an inside and an outside run, so they’re not in an 8 by 10 kennel.”

If you’re thinking about coming down and meeting one of these amazing animals, you’ll have to make an appointment first. But the volunteers at BMHS are on a mission to make you get the pet you’ve been looking for. “We really work hard in making sure that the dogs and cats are a perfect fit for the family. If you’re a hiker or you like camping, we take everything in consideration to make sure that it’s going to be a perfect fit,” said Geiser.

The Battle Mountain Humane Society would also like to remind everyone, with a cat or dog, to always be sure to vaccinate, spay and neuter your pets.

Click here if you’re interested in learning more about the Battle Mountain Humane Society or to find out how you can donate.

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