Battle Creek VFD receives $5,000 grant for protective equipment

HERMOSA, S.D. – The Battle Creek Volunteer Fire Department got a big bonus over the weekend.

The received a $5,000 grant from The Independent Insurance Agents of South Dakota. The firefighters, who serve the communities of Keystone, Hayward, and Hermosa, now have another line of defense against the scorching heat in a fire.

They say the money will go toward new fire-resistant protective equipment. The equipment, referred to as bunker gear, can cost upward of $2,000.

According to Laura Adrien, the public information officer with the Battle Creek Volunteer Fire Department, the gear is much needed.

“Components of bunker gear include the jacket, the helmet, the boots, bunker pants, gloves, and a Nomex hood,” Adrien said.

Some of their older equipment was past its 10-year shelf life. Adrien also said grants like these are critical for departments like Battle Creek, which spans across 50 miles.

“We’re a newer fire department, and we’re also rural and volunteer, so we rely on taxpayer funding to be able to purchase new gear,” she said.

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