Barrett confirmed as Supreme Court justice in partisan vote

WASHINGTON (AP) — Amy Coney Barrett is headed to to the Supreme Court.

The Senate has confirmed President Donald Trump’s nominee, with Republicans overpowering Democratic opposition a week before Election Day.

Barrett will be the third Supreme Court justice nominated by Trump. At 48, she is likely secure a conservative court majority for years to come.

With no real power to stop the vote, Democrats still argued the winner of the Nov. 3 election should choose the nominee. Barrett will fill the vacancy left by the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the liberal icon who died last month.

Senator John Thune issued the following statement after the Senate voted to confirmed Barrett.

“Judge Amy Coney Barrett is a person with extraordinary intelligence and comprehensive command of the law, and she is extraordinarily qualified to serve on the nation’s highest court,” said Thune. “Since the day she was nominated, Judge Barrett has proven that she understands the proper role of a judge in our system of government, which is to rule based on the law and the Constitution, not preferred outcomes or policy preferences. Judge Barrett said it herself – ‘I apply the law, I follow the law, [members of Congress] make the policy.’ That is the kind of justice that Judge Barrett will be, and that’s the kind of justice both Democrats and Republicans should want. I look forward to seeing her serve on the Supreme Court.”

You can watch President Donald Trump swear Amy Coney Barrett by clicking here.

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