Bar K9 holds first “Bark Bowl,” sees excellent turnout

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Spectators were in for a barking good time during Bar K9’s first Bark Bowl.

Reminiscent of the annual Puppy Bowl held on Super Bowl Sunday, the Bark Bowl gave locals and their dogs a chance to get in on the fun. From tiny chihuahuas to hundred-pound labs, dogs of all sizes were invited to play. Dogs were divided into two teams – the red Ruff-Necks and blue Ball-Hogs – and judged on things like unnecessary roughness and intentional barking.

The event was streamed live, complete with potty breaks, but in-person attendance was also high. Participants and dog owners were out in full force, joined by passersby watching the furry fun.

“Turnout is way more than we ever anticipated, which we’re pleased with. I think that the weather kind of played in our favor. With it being so cold, everybody’s looking for something to do. So, everybody came out, and we’re really excited and we want to make this an annual event. So, next year we know, we’re probably gonna need a bigger space,” said Emily Batman, co-owner of Bar K-9.

Ending 56 to 49, the Ruff-Necks came out victorious, but all participants came out winners.

Players were entered into a raffle that included prizes from the Rushmore Mall, Pet Pantry and Spaw and were invited for post-game fun at the park.

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