Banana plants planted in Wilson Park

RAPID CITY, S.D. —     A Rapid City parks crew went bananas on Wednesday in Wilson Park when they planted four giant banana plants at the park on Mount Rushmore Road.

The tropical plants are not what you would expect to find in the Black Hills, but they’ve proven to hold strong over the past five years.

Greenhouse Specialist John Berglund, who started growing the plants, says they’ve shown great resiliency surviving downpours, hail and wind.

Because of the plants’ large leaves, Berglund had to find a place to show them off that would provide a little protection.


“Anything with a large leaf… Doesn’t like the wind very much.” said Berglund “But Wilson Park kind of provides a little protection. There’s lots of trees around so it’s kind of the park we settled on.”

Last year the plants were in the formal gardens in Sioux Park due to limited planting during COVID restrictions.

The banana plants will remain in Wilson Park until mid-September, or before the first forecast frost. Then they go back in the greenhouse to keep warm over the winter.

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