Badlands’ death a harsh reminder to hikers

RAPID CITY, S.D. — A harsh reminder this week tells of just how hot it can get in the Badlands.

7 22 Badlands Folo Sotvo00 00 14 06still001While hiking an unmarked trail 22 year old Maxwell Right from Saint Louis, Missouri, collapsed.

At some point during the hike with his 21 year-old companion, the two ran out of water which led to Right’s dehydration. Right later died of suspected dehydration and exposure and the second person was transported to Monument Health for similar conditions.

According to the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office this serves as a reminder to always take plenty of water on these hot summer days.

They say it’s also important to remember that it can be much hotter in the Badlands than the rest of the area.

Lt. David Switzer with the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office says, “With the environment of the Badlands, that ground down there absorbs so much heat, there’s nothing to reflect heat away.”

And before heading our for your hike, it’s recommended you have everything you need before you leave home.

Switzer says, “You need to know what your capabilities are, what everybody in your party…what their capabilities are. You need to prepare. Double your water of what you think you should have and you need to take some nutrition with you and the right kind of shoes and the right type of clothing.”

Lieutenant Switzer says if you do find yourself in trouble to call 911 first. Give dispatchers as much detail as possible about your location then stay put till rescuers arrive.

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