Back to school for Mines’ students

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Students at the School of Mines are back on campus today for the opening of the Fall semester. Students are required to wear masks while in class, but may take them off when walking between classes.

Other guidelines include a limited number of students in classrooms at one time as well as unique seating layouts that follow CDC social distancing recommendations. Also modifications are being made to school polices and events.

“Things like homecoming that’s coming up very soon” said Jacob West, Public Relations for South Dakota School of Mines. “Is still gonna be happening we’re gonna be modifying it a little bit making sure that obviously social distancing. That’s the number one thing we are talking about right now with everybody. But we want to make sure that we still have the Hardrocker traditions.”

Not being in the classroom has hurt social interaction and hands-on discussions for students who took classes online.

“Not being able to interact with everybody as much, that’s integral part of my past two years. Now I am on my junior year here, interacting with everybody at school and seeing everyone everyday. I think we are gonna learn how to, you know, really interact in new ways and I think it will be a good thing.”

To ensure social distancing in classrooms, garbage bags have been placed over seats that are not to be used. And some chairs have been removed in order to keep students 6-feet apart.

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