Baby beaver rescued by oil rig workers, wildlife organization

An orphaned beaver is getting a second chance at life thanks to some oil rig workers and a wildlife organization.

The workers found the beaver after spotting two deceased adult beavers dead on the side of the road.

“They were compassionate enough to stop and make sure that the animals really were deceased, and they found the baby with them,” said Rondi Large of WildCare Oklahoma.

Staffers at Wildcare in Noble, Oklahoma are nursing the little guy back to health.

He’s been given a makeshift lodge with a teddy bear to cuddle, medications to fight respiratory issues, and his own watery playpen.

He’s also being bottle fed formulated beaver milk, which is high in fat and helping in his recovery.

The next step will be moving him to a new, large outdoor swim area where he’ll be able to socialize with other beavers.

He’ll be released in the next year or two after proving he’s ready.

“It takes a long time for beavers to mature,” said Large. “Before they release, they have to show me adult behaviors.”

Large says the baby beaver’s mother likely evacuated him from his lodge after it was destroyed or bulldozed, as adolescents are too buoyant to get out, or under water, on their own.

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