B-21 Bomber program slated to grow home building industry

RAPID CITY S.D. — The announcement of the new B-21 Bomber program at Ellsworth Air Force Base is slated to bring thousands of people to the Black Hills.

Though it’ll take several years for the program to get fully underway, the home builder industry is preparing.

This weekend at the Black Hills Home Show at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, hundreds of vendors and companies from across the state gathered to share ideas in the industry.

Currently, the Ellsworth Development Authority is looking into how many and what types of homes will be needed to accommodate for the influx in population.

“This will happen over several years, its not like we’re going to get everything in at one time,” said Scott Landguth, the executive director of the Ellsworth Development Authority. “We’ll have some period of building up over a few years, it wont all be up over one year, it’ll be over four or five. So there’s some time to handle that growth,” he said.

Landguth also said finding skilled builders, electricians and plumbers will be a challenge in the coming years. He also said he’s confident that industry leaders will get creative to maximize their workforce.

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