B-1 Bomber Association heads to Ellsworth for reunion meeting

BOX ELDER, S.D– For the first time ever, the B-1 Bomber association met at Ellsworth Air Force Base.

Us Bombers Conduct Aegean Sea Mission 1

A B-1B Lancer takes off in support of a Bomber Task Force mission at Ellsworth Air Force Base, S.D., April 6, 2021. Bomber Task Force missions allow the U.S. to routinely and visibly demonstrate commitment to our Allies and partners through the global employment of our military.
Photo by Senior Airman Christina Bennett

The group was first started in 2010, during the anniversary of the aircraft’s original delivery. With 2022 being a big year for the anniversary of major events such as the Doolittle Raid, members saw the perfect opportunity to meet in South Dakota.

The mission is to keep members informed on related developments and tell the stories of all who have flown or worked on it.

“In the future, as the airplane begins to draw down, we need to make sure that history isn’t lost,” retired B-1 pilot Mark Schlichte said. “We need to make sure that family doesn’t dissolve, and it won’t. And that we maintain those memories and that history.”

While not set in stone, the group is working on returning to Ellsworth for future meetings.

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