Avoid unwanted, holiday pounds

Avoiding unwanted pounds during the holidays is a challenge this time of year, but there are some tips to remember while trying to strike a balance between enjoy yourself and not going overboard.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Heading into the holidays with all the feasting and treats might have you fretting about gaining some unwanted pounds.

Morgan Foster, the performance manager at the Regional Health Sports Performance Institute says the first piece of advice is focus on family, saying “I think one of the keys is not to stress over some things. We are stressing over how much eating we are getting, so instead let’s think of the positives of how can I sort of interact with my family and how can I make sure we are moving outside of those big meals that we have.”

Thanksgiving pie

Her next tip is get moving, rather than parking in front of the TV all day, play a game or head outside and create fun environment with an activity. But make sure your high intensity exercise is done before your big meal – save lighter activity like a walk for after you eat.

And when it comes to those calories adding up over the next couple months, Morgan says the key is to take small steps toward your overall goal.

Walking Feet

“The last thing we want to be especially coming into January would … ‘hey I put on 15 pounds versus 5’ … so if we can everyday create some type of movement, whether it’s parking farther away from the store and walking in, whether it’s after each meal taking a 5-10 minute walk, those kind of things will make sure those heavy meals are catching up with us in January,” says Foster.

Lastly, stay motivated with help from those around you.

Thanksgiving Day Table

Foster suggests, “Creating a community around you, either whether that’s family or friends, trying to sort of talk to them say hey, you know during this month, I really don’t want to be sedentary, getting them on your side and help sort of allow them to help motivate you. And you guys all maybe do a morning walk or a morning exercise class, those kind of things.”

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