Authorities rescue kayaker on Rapid Creek near Braeburn Dog Park


RAPID CITY, S.D. — Multiple emergency crews responded to a kayaker who was reportedly in distress at the Braeburn Dog Park.

Authorities say the woman got caught on a strainer, which caused the kayak to flip.

The Rapid City Fire Deparment sent a swimmer across the creek to help her get out of the water as she was struggling to get onto the bank.

According to a witness she wasn’t wearing a life jacket.

RCFD met her on the south side of the bank and found that she was overall unhurt. However, the woman was too cold and weak to hike out.

Emergency crews then had to perform a water rescue in order to get her safely back to the other side of the creek.

They set up a high line to float her back on a boat. She made it safely to the other side, and is currently being evaluated by EMS.

According to a reporter on scene, while the woman was not wearing a life jacket, she had one in her kayak.

Currently, Rapid Creek is flowing very high and very fast. The RCFD says at about 650 cubic feet per second, and averaging four to six feet in depth.

The rescue comes only days after a 17-year-old in Sioux Falls passed away after his kayak capsized on Covell Lake. A 22-year-old man was also with him, and was rescued by lifeguards and taken to the hospital. Neither of the two were wearing life jackets.

In May, officials warned the public to use caution near Rapid Creek as spring flooding has caused water levels to rise and the banks to become slippery and unstable in areas.

Obstructions like branches, rocks and man-made objects can pose serious risk.

“Those items are most often under the water and you don’t see them,” RCFD Lt. Bussell told NC1 in May. “If you accidentally find yourself in the water and your feet are down, you can get caught in those strainers and that’s where that big drowning risk comes from.”






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