Authorities encourage hunting safety in the Black Hills


Another missing hunter in Pennington County, found safe after just under two hours of searching. The Pennington County Sheriffs Office was notified of a lost hunter yesterday evening around 9 p.m. near the Custer County line. Authorities say that a 72 year old man got lost while hunting but was found shortly after unharmed. The Pennington County and Custer County search and rescue teams and other agencies were deployed in the search as well as a thermal drone.

Sheriff Kevin Thom said ” We were able to find him in a relatively quick time within a couple of hours so that was a success story. We immediately send deputies to the area and make contact with the reporting party so we can identify who the person is, where they were last seen, maybe a direction of travel those sorts of things.”

The Pennington County sheriffs office also wants people to know to keep technology, such as phones and GPS on hand but not to depend on the devices completely.

Sheriff Thom also said ” I think it is important to have the right gear so again if something does happen you are able to respond and deal with it, of course technology works when their is cell coverage when there is no coverage you can’t reach out and it doesn’t do you any good. You might be on your own for awhile if you have the right gear you can ride that out til somebody can get to you, your chances of survival are much better.”

The man is the second hunter reported missing in October in the Black Hills. On October 1st, 66-year-old Larry Genzlinger of Howard was hunting near Deerfield Lake when he was reported missing, searchers were out again looking for Genzlinger.


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