Author of “More Than Presidents” celebrates Barack Obama statue with book signing

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Nancy Todd Engler, the author of “More Than Presidents,” was at Prairie Edge signing books Saturday afternoon.

She was on the Board of Directors for the City of Presidents and she was originally assigned to make a short biography for each statue. After doing her research she realized a short biography wasn’t enough to capture the character of each president.

She decided to create an entire book that gives us a look into the lives of previous presidents. The book details their personal lives aside from their political accomplishments.

“I just learned that these are true men who have lived true lives and gone through the tragedy and the joy of living an everyday life just like the rest of us had to,” said Engler. 

She hopes to help people better understand our leaders and feel as if they know them as people and not just presidents. She signed books as a way to celebrate the newest addition to her book and the newest statue in town, President Barack Obama.

Her book can be found at Praire Edge and at the City of Presidents officer located in downtown Rapid City.

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