Austin’s “Miracle Foundation” Reunites Families

This holiday season, an Austin, Texas nonprofit is asking for help reuniting orphans with the families they’ve been pulled away from overseas.

“It would take a miracle, but I knew that it would work,” Caroline Boudreaux says as she explains how she began Miracle Foundation.

She founded the charity in 2000, after visiting an orphanage during a trip to India.

Now, 18 years later, Boudreaux’s group works with 167 orphanages in 40 countries across the world. She says they serve about 7,500 children and have already reunited 500 with their families.

Initially, Miracle Foundation advocated for better conditions in the orphanages, but in the past year, the nonprofit has gone in a different direction.

“Miracle Foundation changed our focus, and we’re starting to get children out of institutions and back with their moms and dads,” she says.

According to Boudreaux, 85 percent of the kids her team works with have families. They’re only separated because their parents can’t provide for them.

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