AT&T’s exclusive FirstNet to boost mobile network capacity for first responders

STURGIS, S.D. — With a quarter-million visitors to the Black Hills, most, if not all with cell phones, AT&T is increasing its local mobile network capacity.

Last year, visitors used more than nine terabytes of mobile data, which has a definite impact on first responders and public safety workers. That has prompted AT&T to increase capacity of its exclusive FirstNet, which is dedicated to public safety.

“We isolate that network for public safety, so that they always have the bandwidth they need to perform their duties to be able to make sure they’re caring for the community in the best way possible,” said Senior Vice President for FirstNet, Jason Porter.

The network has been used for large events, as well as during natural disasters such as hurricanes, and wildfires.

Congress mandated the network be nationwide, and currently FirstNet is eighty percent complete. Along with nationwide services, the company makes use of over 70 deployable cell towers.

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