Astronaut Camp at the Journey Museum

Rapid City, SD — The Journey Museum and Learning Center was filled with the sounds of curious children attending a winter ‘STEAM’ Camp. STEAM programs are those encompassing Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. The camps are intended to challenge young minds to explore the world around them through enriching experience and hands on activities, and the current session is doing that through its Astronaut Camp.

The sessions involve educational videos as well as several team challenges. Several of the participants have attended multiple camps, including Abbie Ringo. Of the planned activities she says,

“My favorite challenge was probably the one where we had to work together to get the tennis ball into the little jar holder.”

Along with participating in STEAM activities, participants also learn teamwork and have the opportunity to expand their curiosity. Several of the children expressed their interest in science and engineering, and one participant even said she hopes to be the first woman on Mars. 


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