As some face utility shut offs, the Salvation Army is one agency helping with financial assistance

The Salvation Army sees an increase in calls for utility assistance as families face shut offs.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — One of the agencies helping people out with utility assistance is the Salvation Army. Their program operates year-round and serves hundreds of families annually.

As the utility shut off date nears, they are challenged by the volume of requests coming in at one time.

The turn around time for a payment received may be seven to 10 days, so they suggest contacting them immediately when knowledge of funds are needed.

Salvation Army

Kelsie Moreno, the Director of Special Services at the Salvation Army, says, “Reach out for help as soon as you know you are having trouble paying your bills; it takes time to process assistance, you know, most agencies in town require an appointment to come in and do that, so the best thing somebody can do who is not in a position to be able to pay their utility bill is to reach out immediately as soon as they know there is a problem.”

Salvation Army

Moreno also suggests calling 211 to see what programs are out there to provide help.

“Residents need heat and electricity and water, those are things that are essential to the health of our families in the Black Hills; we are just one of many organizations actually who help meet the demand for utility assistance. My best recommendation is if you don’t know what program may be a good fit for you, call 211, and they can help refer you to the right program.”

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army also helps with rental assistance, clothing, food needs, and much more.



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