Artists took the stage for Hills Alive 2019

The 34th annual Hills Alive festival is was going on throughout the weekend at Memorial Park. The festival features world re-known Christian bands and singers.

A total of 13 artists performed throughout the weekend. The opening act, Carrollton, returned to the Black Hills for the 4th time and it was their 3rd time performing at Hills Alive.

“We try not to take it for granted anytime we get to stand on stage and just and worship alongside other people, other believers, and encourage those that even aren’t. It means a ton every chance we get to do this,” said David Terry, the band’s electric guitarist.

The band says that their lyrics are inspired by biblical scripture and they hope that it leads people to find deeper meaning in their own lives.

“That’s what they can take with them is that message of hope you know tomorrow, next week, and the month to come. That’s the stuff that will stick with them so we hope they hear the message,” said Stephen Moore, the band’s vocalist. 

Roughly 40,000 people attended the festival throughout the entire weekend. Along with the music, there were dozens of vendors, opportunities to join ministries, alter calls, and even baptism.

Hills Alive is one of the largest summer events that the hills offer and it draws people from all over the country. 

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