‘Art of War’ exhibit displays Vietnam War art

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The ‘Art of War’ exhibit set up in the Journey Museum is called Field to Field, the title comes from the journey the artists took from the fields of South Dakota to the fields of Vietnam. Both of the artists’ creations have helped define the story and emotions of those who fought in the Vietnam War. Now both men say they’re happy to be back in South Dakota and able to capture its beauty in a painting.

“The landscapes of South Dakota are just tremendous, right now that is the main areas that I’m focusing on.” said James Pollock a professional artist who painted in the Army for the Vietnam War. “I also do a lot of intuitive work which I don’t go outside and do that, just things that come to mind. It’s hard to explain I call them intuition type drawings I just let my pen follow along and see where it goes and some interesting things come out of that.”

The second artist is Stephen Randall who says he took a step away from painting after his service and later found a whole new love for a different style of painting.

Stephen Randall also said “I got out of the Army, kind of put my brushes away and didn’t do anymore art work until my wife encouraged me to get out of the house and plein air art is one way to do that. You got out on location, paint what you see and if it looks good enough, put it in a frame and you’re done.”

Both artists say that they draw inspiration from the beauty of the Black Hills.

“Actually the Hills and Spearfish Canyon — the colors in the fall are very inspirational,” Pollock says, “and some of the paintings we have in the show here at the Journey will show some of that.”

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